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31 December, 2022
Plans and Sources  
Derick's Plans and Plan Swap WebSite - 2022 Plan List - I am trying to create an reference archive of model designs over the years. This is my hobby and not a commercial venture. All my plans are available free to swap as files or paper copies. If you want a print and don't have any to swap, I then have to charge for paper and ink but I make no profit on this. Derick's email

Outerzone is a listing of free vintage and old-timer flying model aircraft plans to download. The listing is free for everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download plans Link Here
Academy of Model Aeronautics/John Pond Plans Service: The John Pond Plans Service was purchased by AMA in late 2002. There are over 3000 Sam era plans available for literally every gas and rubber powered old time model. Designs and plans are available for Old Timer Gas, Free Flight Nostalgia, Rubber Power, Control Line, Vintage Radio Control and Scale.
Jim O’Reilly’s Plans: Jim is a master draftsman that has recreated the old original model plan blueprints into a modern state-of-the-art Cad drawing that offers dead-on accuracy for the discriminating builder. Plans illustrate all the wing, stab, fuselage and small parts patterns (these were never detailed on the original plans). Many of the gas plans are drawn not only in the original free-flight form but also offered in a modernized r/c version. Gas plans also illustrate the use of modern fiberglass motor mounts rather than the original’s wooden beam mounts. Over 150 plans in both gas and rubber power are offered. Illustrated catalog is $2.00. - Jim O'Reilly's Model Plans (316) 744-0856
NFFS Plans Catalog: Oldtimer plans, many from the SAM era in both rubber and gas, with most offerings from the later post WW-2 years in the NFFS Nostalgia era. Quality is excellent and the price is right!
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Hummingbird Model Products is a small purveyor of fine model airplane kits, plans, art and tools - Web site here - Email Bernard Guest here
Comet Models Historical stuff From YouTube - Comet Models: A brief history - The Comet Model News - The Comet Comet Models Goes_to Hollywood by Dave_Harding (note not all links in this document work)
BMJR: Supplier of complete laser cut kits for both SAM and Nostalgia era model designs. Visa and Mastercard accepted.
BMJR Model Products - (321) 537-1159 - www.bmjrmodels.com
Bob Holman: Bob supplies laser cut semi kits (and plans) to precisely match the aforementioned Jim O’Reilly CAD drawn plans. These precision laser-cut kits save hours of template making and cutting chores. Bob supplies both the O'Reilly cad plans and his matching laser cut semi-kits, plus many other oldtimer cad plans and laser kits by other cad draftsman.. Bob’s Old Timer kit catalog is $2.00 Visa and Mastercard accepted.
(909) 885-3959
Easy Built Models: Welcome to the Easy Built Models website. We invite you to browse our 166 different balsa model airplane kits - free flight rubber power, electric rc, gas powered, gliders, jets, and display models. With wingspans from 12" to 72",

Phone (334) 358-5184
FAI Model Supply: Supplier of Japanese Tissue, Airspan, Litespan and Polyspan covering materials. Primary supplier of free flight items, tools and specialties for the rubber flier.
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Brown's Only

Jack Van Dusen

Brown’s Only: Jack Van Dusen repairs and rebuilds only Brown Jr .60’s, plus supplies a full line of Brown Jr replacement parts. Jack also offers an exact replacement screw on gas tank in aluminum for those that prefer to use FAI (non-nitro) fuel in their Brown Jr. Jack’s replacement crankcases and main bearings must be custom fit in his shop. Send engine for a repair or complete overhaul estimate. Jack Van Dusen
189 Centenary Lane - Warminster, Pennsylvania 18974 - (215) 672-0608

Model Engine Collectors Association (MECA): Many replica antique gas ignition engines are currently being produced, however if you're looking for that long lost original Brown Jr. or Ohlsson engine they can still be obtained. The best source for the old time engines is through this specialized collectors booklet that is issued bi-monthly. There are hundreds of old time engines advertised for sale in every issue.   The cost to join is now $35.00 USA, $40.00 Canada & Mexico, All others $50.00 and includes  our bi-monthly publication. link here to MECA
Email John Lorenz <mitecars$gmail.com>
704 Flamingo Circle, Burleson, TX 76028-5041 - Phone 817-295-8209
Facebook page

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Aero Electric: Owner Woody Bartelt manufactures and provides a full line of high quality replacement parts for practically all of the old time ignition engines. Additionally a full line of SAM approved reproduction ignition engines fill out his extensive inventory. Woody's 42 page catalog is well worth the $15.00 catalog price anywhere in USA by First Class Mail Canada and Mexico $16.00 and $22.00 anyplace else. It contains anything you may require to repair or restore that old ignition engine. - AeroElectric - Galesburg, Michigan 49053 tel. (269) 665-9693
Blackburn Aero Engineering Engine Restoration: (Blackburn Aero Engineering) Don Blackburn a SAM Hall of Fame member, passed away on Friday, April 24th 2009 His Daughter Mo still monitors his email address glassger@aol.com

Doctor Diesel

Eric Clutton

Doctor Diesel: Diesels are allowed in certain SAM r/c assist events and considered the same as ignition engines. Eric Clutton supplies a full line of excellent quality P.A.W. diesels. Free price listing to Sammites for an SASE. Doctor Diesel Eric Clutton (931) 455-2256
Larry Davidson: Larry is a SAM Grand Champion winning top awards in r/c assist and free flight events. He supplies many of the special SAM needs such as; PolySpan covering, a video “How To” on applying PolySpan, spark plugs, high tension leads both for free flight and r/c (with resistor), Ignition coils, solid state ignition units, and many other items necessary to build and get a SAM model airborn.
(540) 721-4563
Texas Timers Texas Timers: Hank Nystrom supplies a full line of mechanical engine shut-off timers for the free flighters among us, including dual function models that also actuate the DT. Many models, types and sizes available.
Texas Timers
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Free Flight Supplies
Mike Woodhouse has a wealth of materials, equipment. tools, plans and ideas that will help you in your journey through the world of free flight. If you have any thoughts ideas or comments please pass them on to me. Links are provided for this purpose.
The Grandaddy of them all Tower Hobbies' well-maintained site featuring the best central registry of modeling web sites on the web.
The home of RJL Industries, and source for model engines, including some fine reproductions of the Forster engines made from original castings and now they have added the Cunningham .647 Spark Ignition , the Edco Sky Devil .65 and more. They own the HP line of engines and build under the MECOA name as well. Well worth the occasional stop and check...particularly for Old Timer fliers!!
One of the San Francisco Bay Area's more prominent hobby stores, Sheldon's Hobbies maintains a site with information on the products available through their mail-order company as well as links to other model related sites.

Books and Manuals

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DigitekBooks by Roland Friestad is an online bookstore for the Aeromodeller, Airplane Homebuilder, Hobby Machinist, Ziac Yearboks, Engineer and Life-Long Tinkerer. Check back often for a growing collection of rare and useful publications and material.
Old Magazines and Books: Used, old, and collectable aeromodelling magazines and books for sale! Collectible "Aeromodeller" magazines and similar titled (English language only) back issues & books about aeromodelling! United Kingdom www.magazinesandbooks.co.uk
Members can download copies of SAMSpeaks at the link here
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HobbyKing Global Warehouse

The company was founded in 2001 in Hong Kong by Karen Wu and Anthony Hand. The company targets the market with low-cost equipment for the models it sells. The brand also owns OrangeRx brands and Turnigy Durafly. Range Types: Planes, Cars, Boats, Helicopters, Multirotors, Batteries, Robotics.

Electric Flight in Australi Supply of Electric Flight products and Information, via my Webpage
I have formed partnerships with other people handling electric flight products in Australia, and also import some products. It is my aim to provide a comprehensive service, covering the whole range of products required to fly electrics successfully.

Email Peter Pine at <ppine@northnet.com.au>

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