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Updated 26-May-2019
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Welcome to SAM's own Old Timer message list, SAMTalk.

( see SAM_TALK Information page here )

A message list is a forum by email allowing many users to meet online and share ideas, experiences and friendships.

The way it works is that you sign up for the list by sending a blank email addressed to:


and your email address is listed by the service and any message sent to SAMTalk_Forum-subscribe@yahoogroups.com is "echoed" to ALL the subscribers, including you since you just became one!

Ideas, drawings, photos get shared with everyone and the group expands the knowledge of Old Timer modeling to everyone. It's like having a seminar on Old Timer modeling show up every day in your mailbox!

Modelers Share Techniques, Ideas and helps solve Problems

Need to know how to laminate balsa for strong but light curved surfaces? Need to know which is the best prop to use for an Ohlsson 60 Special? Ask our forum and be prepared to learn from modelers who have been solving these problems for over 50 years!

How to Handle the Load of SAMTalk Email

Click here for detailed instructions on setting up a "filter" to mover your SAMTalk messages to a separate folder before they ever set foot in your inbox!

How to set up a filter

Once you've signed up for SAMTalk you can send an email message to the list by typing your message and addressing it to: SAMTalk Forum@yahoogroups.com It's that simple. Emails will be "echoed" to the entire list, giving everyone a chance to hear (and maybe respond) to your idea, message or question. Join SAMTalk today and join in the conversation!

Interested in SAM electric powered airplanes? Join the SAM Electric discussion group and ask the experts

How to Unsubscribe from SAMTalk (Even If only for the weekend)

If you are already a member of the SAMTalk E-list you can unsubscribe by sending a blank message to: samtalk_forum-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com . That's all you have to do. Sending a message to SAMTalk asking to be unsubscribed from the list will not do anything but take up space. You must send a blank message to the address just listed above to be taken off. If you're going to be away from your email for a weekend or longer, unsubscribing keeps your inbox from filling up with messages while you're away.

Or, you can click on this link and the proper address will be created for you to mail and

SAMTalk E-List Is Easy to Join

welcome to the "SAMTalk_Forum" E-list hosted Yahoo Groups

SAMTalk is a place to ask questions about models you're building, engines you're running, problems you've had trimming a new ship or ideas you want to offer fellow SAM modelers. It's a great place to talk over your Old Timer modeling ideas and get feedback from like-minded friends. Get in on the fun!

Cleveland Albatross Glider

Brown Junior decal from 1939 (pic ET)

Below are examples of photos seen on SAMTalk

Two babies!

Fokker DVIII 56" (pic JTB)

1930's Sailplane

Italian Multi Engine Rubber model

Italian modeller from 1933 with multi-motor rubber design

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