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How To - Build and Fly SAM Old Timer Model Airplanes
Updated 18-Nov-2016
Forster 99 test review from MAN 1955 - from David Harding - Dec 2105
Thermal Soaring by Don Bekins - Dec2014
The Building Board web site Chet Lanzo, Historical material
The Christchurch Model Aero Club Web pages - Hints and Tips
Servo Data Base A link to ServoDatabase.com, RC Servo Specifications and Reviews
Construct the Cumulus (by Ben shershaw) from FA September 1937 article
Engine Basics, Fuel Pressure Bladder System, Uniflow Tanks and other information
Old Engine Analysis Index lists locations in SAMSpeaks - by Charlie Bruce
Engines Ignition, Trouble Shooting, Fuels, Circuit Diagrams
Diesel Basics, Fuel Re-furbishing, ED History and Ian McQueen's Every Thing You Need to Know about Diesels
Rubber Models How-to's, Motor List, Classic W/F Rules and Proceedures, 36" Rubber Cub
Electric Model How-To's, Battery Calculator, Electric Boehle Giant and Spirit of SAM models, Design an Electric LMR, Tandy's Electric Speed 400 Cloudster build
Covering How-to's, Iincluding Pollyspan, Tissue over Mylar, Silk, Printing Graphics, Weight Comparisons
Taken from SAMTalk - Scalpels and Craft Knives
Tips and Hints to Build an R/C OT Lanzo A Class Bomber by Tandy Walker, 4 web pages - or pdf files Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Airtronics 2.4GHz FHSS – A Review in regard to ignition interference, by Ed Hamler
Dan McLeod's method of building stick models on a glass surface
Gary Sherman's tips and hints on building a 1/2 A Texaco Taibi Powerhouse. You could also build this model for 1/2 A Texaco or Speed 400 Electric RC Assist classes.
Ramon Alban's Vintage Model Airplanes web site
Web Site with many old Italian Model Magazine articles
Dave Harding's Boehle's Giant a landmark model web page
Charles River Club "How To" web articles. Not Old Timer but an excellent resource for modelers
Mike Stuart's superb web site with many free flight scale models featured
Earl's article and plans -Fockker D-8 Flies Again - Man June 1941
Build a B&W Models, Red Ripper by Don Bekins

The vintage models flown by SAM members are those designed, published or available as kits during the golden era of model aviation, the decade of the thirties to the beginning of WWII. During this period, the methods of construction and flight preparation were perfected and formed the foundation for all model aviation that followed. They are flown in free flight, powered by gas and rubber motors, and gliders.
For the RC enthusiast, or for those whose flying field limits free flight, there are categories for ignition and glow powered engines. Recently several electric powered classes have been introduced to allow flying of these models quietly from fields where glow and ignition engines are not allowed.
Old Timer models were built largely from balsa wood and covered with various tissues or fabrics. Few people now build models this way and the skills to do so are vanishing with those who did so.
It is our objective to use this website as a resource to preserve the skills necesary to build and fly Old Timer model airplanes by publishing and archiving articles on various related topics. Should you have these skills and wish to contribute, please contact the webmaster at the Contact us page.


Ed Hamler holds building sessions at his SAM 27 Chapter in Napa, California. Here he is showing the Earl Stahl Fokker D-VIII model that was the featured design for the 2006 SAM Champs.

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