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2006 4th Euro SAM Champs, Italy
Wed, 08-Jul-2009
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4th European SAM Champs for RC Assist

16, 17, 18 June, 2006

Valle Gaffaro, near Venice, Italy

The G.A.S. "Falchi" of San Marino together with the Volo Delta Club of Codigoro and with the sponsorship of Mr. Mario Alvisi, will orgnaize the 4th European SAM Championships on the Valle Gaffaro Flying Field.

Valle Gaffaro is on the river Po delta, north of Ravenna and south of Venice. A truly beautiful flying field which you may see on their web site; www.volodelta2000.net


OTVR - Gliders
OTMR – Gas Models – LER
NMR – Nostalgia
1/2A Texaco
1/2A Electric Old Timer
Electric Old Timer LMR

These events are mostly at least similar to the SAM International rules, but there are differences so please carefully read the complete model and competition rules.

Full Events and Rules


The European SAM Champs have been wonderful events with an attractive mixture of European countryside, International competitors and all around great company. Imagine the movie "Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines" with Old Timer models and you won't be far off. The 2005 US contingent consisted of Ed. Hamler, Dick Griswold and their wives, Dave Harding and Holland based Roy Brown.. It was a wonderful vacation. Join us this year?

Ed Hamler and Dick Griswold prepare to fly Ed's Airborne.

Ed Hamler holds for Dave Harding while Dick Griswold watches the preparation of Dave's Stardust Special 1/2 A Electric Texaco.

Dick Griswold prepares to fly his 1/2 A Texaco Airborne.

Ed and Dick transported their models in Snowboard shipping containers, Dave hand carried his two models in a cardboard box and stowed it in the overhead.

Gabriele Montebelli invites you to see the results and more photos of the 2005 3rd Champs on the SAM 62 web site

We have over 200 pictures of Euro SAM Champs 2005.
Click the button "Albo d'oro" on the left side of home page;
Click "Campionati Europei Radioassistiti";
Click the camera on rigth side of "2005 Dvur Kràlòve (CZ).
Enjoy with the pictures.


For information please contact Domenico Bruschi - Via dei Boschetti, 31 - Borgo - 47893 Repubic of San Marino el. 0549/903375

Domenico, "Nick" Bruschi winning in CZ at the 3rd European Championships.


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