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Updated 22-May-2022
SAM Committee - Advertising Manager Position is Open - Contact the SAM President here
SAM Committee - 2021 Annual SAM Champs Manager -Tom Boice
Important Notice from Jay Burkart Chairman Electric Rules committee regarding the New source of Speed 400 motor and Wakefield motors - Read Details (posted 8jan2022)

New Chapter Coordinator - Glen Poole hase taken over from Tommy Gray, Contact Glen here regarding New Chapters

Here I pass along the Schedule for the to the Hatschek International Challenge May 21-22 at Barron Field in Wawayanda, NY, from Tom Juell and CD Aram Schlossberg. Hope to see many of you there. - Andrew Barron - Details here - (posted 7may2022)
It is a pleasure to keep you posted about activity at our field in Wawayanda, New York. As you can see at http://www.brooklynskyscrapers.org/calender.html or at FreeFlight.org the contest season is getting started for many of us. In addition to smaller monthly gatherings our first meet to which the broader freeflight community is invited is the Hatschek International Challenge on May 21-22, with events posted at the above link. - From Andrew Barron - (Posted 27apr2022)
A Tribute to Lee Hines by BobGaller - (Poster 20Apr2022)
AMNews - Aust. Mod. News-Issue-75_Apr2022 - by John Lamont - Permanetly located at Newslestters
The SAM Champs for 2022 will be held at the Eldorado Dry Lake in Boulder City Nevada, dates October 17-21 - Champs WebPage can can be seen here and Registration and payment details here - (posted 4Apr2022)
SAM21, (CA) Clipper (Offical N/L of the BlackJack Club), Newsletter Mar 2022 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
SAM 55 - AVANZ Newsletter Association of Vintage Aeromodellers of NZ - Newsletter #189 - Permanetly located News Letters
The Australian Thermaleer Newsletter TAT 2021-009 Combined Aus. Chapters 600+1788+1993+270+84 - Permanetly located at Newsletters page
SAM13, Hanger Rash/Gas Lines/SCAMPS - Newsletter, Apr. 2022 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
SAM2001, (Italy), L'Aquilone - Newsletter, AQ107 2020 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
2022 16th April, Easter, NSW Free Flight Soiety, Scramble during the 1788 SAM Champs - Details here
Tandy Walker's - Veco Pursuit, 53inch, Electric, Aerobatic, RC Model - now has 117 reports -(posted 11aprr2022)
SAM62, (Italy) - Newsletter #194 2022 - Permanetly located at - News Letters
2022 NWM Series Announcements - 2022 NWM Roy's Series Announcement - 2022 NWM Series 2022 ESFFC2022 REL00 - 2022 NWM Series 2022 GREAT GRAPE GATHERING - 2022 NWM Series 2022 Pirate Challenge 2022 REL00 - (posted 19feb2022)
SAM1788, 40th, Championships now at West Wyalong NSW, - Program Entry Form - Note from SAM 1788 Secretary - Shirt Order - (posted 16feb2022)
SAM26, Coastal Flyer, Historical Newsletters only - See here - Permanetly located at News Letters- (posted 06feb2022)
From Tiziano Bortolai of SAM62, Photographs of latest build a "Flging Pencil by Australian Alan King", a design from the 1950's - Pic 1 - Pic 2 - Pic 3 - Pic 4 - Pic 5 - (Posted 26jan2022)
From Tiziano Bortolai - Video clip of the O/T Etna Granf Prix 4 and 5th Dec 2021 (posted 16dec2021)
2021 Sep-Nov - Frank Ehling International 1/2A Postal Texaco Challenge hosted by SAM 114 of Western Ohio, invites SAM Chapters to compete in the 2021 Challenge. - Details here - (posted Jul2021)
From Tiziano Bortolai - Attached is a link to an event that took place in Italy last Sunday. - I hope it will brighten the vision to O.T. friends. - "Memorial Canestraro" Old timer Race - Aviosuperfice Valle Gaffaro - Codigoro - (posted July 2021)
Fron Tiziano Bortolai SAM62 Italy. - I am attaching the link to Eurosamchamps that we organized in Italy in 2019 on the Aguscello airfield near the city of Ferrara. - (posted Mar2021
Do you have photos with captions or articles of interest to SAM members? send them to Editor/Publisher Roland Friestad and/or Webman Trevor Boundy
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