Approved Designs List

Rubber Models, 2004 Edition

CD Compiled by Dale Hannum

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Screen Size Must Be 800x600 or More

Page-1: 15 Minute Champion Tractor to American Eagle
Page-2: American Gyro Crusader (Dick Everett) to Beginner
Page-3: Beginner to Cabin Monoplane
Page-4: Cabin Monoplane to Class C Streamliner
Page-5: Class C Tractor to Contest Winner
Page-6: Contestant to Endurance Deluxe
Page-7: Endurance Flyer GT-3 to Flying Aces Sport Racer
Page-8: Flying Aces Sportster to Gold Star
Page-9: Golden Arrow to Horse Fly
Page-10: Horus to Jitterbug
Page-11: Jr Baby R 0 G to Midget Pusher
Page-12: Midget ROG to Mystery Tractor
Page-13: NAA Cabin Fuselage to Parastar
Page-14: Para-Trooper to Red Bird
Page-15: Red Buzzard, Fuselage to Senior ROG
Page-16: Senior, ROG AYA 3 to Spar Model
Page-17: Sparky to Streamlined Transport
Page-18: Streamliner to Tri-Model
Page-19: Triple Threat Model to Twin Pusher, Champion
Page-20: Twin Pusher, Class C to Victoria Parker
Page-21: Victory to Wakefield, Canadian
Page-22: Wakefield, Canadian to Wakefield, VH-RD-78a
Page-23: Wakefield, Victory to Zipper, Junior