The SAM Approved Design List for Rubber Models was initiated by Ernie Lynn and continued by Wes Funk. The effort of these fine individuals is applauded and continued in this update. The SAM Library took over the helm in 1998 and continued to maintain updates to the list. In late 2003, we decided to use the resources of the SAM Library. the OT Plan Cottage Industry and the OT Kit Cottage industry and compile, as complete as possible, a list of OT Rubber Powered Designs. The inclusion of Hand Launch Glider and Towline Glider was a natural progression and resulted in a list that compliments the SAM Championship Silent Events.

Trevor Boundy, of Australia, helped us navigate the waters of MS EXCELL, which makes the updating of the list very easy and my profound thanks to Trevor.

The SAM Library has a 99% complete inventory of all the Flying Aces, Model Airplane News, Air Trails, Model Craftsman and Model Builder magazines as a reference source. In addition, the Library's collection of Aeromodeller and Model Aircraft give us a great insight into the foreign designs of our Modeling Period.

The SAM Library offers a copy service of any article from any of the publications in their Library. This includes copies of the referenced publication articles on the models listed within this book. Order copies from the SAM Librarian:

Gene Wallock
13 NW Sandy Trail Lane
Lawton, OK 73505-9557
(580) 536-0303

The suppliers of plans and kits are listed with the designs. Obviously, the suppliers offerinqs will continue to grow and their Postal and E-Mail addresses are provided so that you may contact them with your needs and maintain current catalogs. We have found all the suppliers to be reliable and their products are excellent quality. Most of the Suppliers advertise in SAM Speaks.

Any corrections, additions or errors in the list should be brought to the attention of the SAM Librarian so that they may be addressed.

This updated list should be beneficial to OT Contest CD's who face obscure design entries and must determine their validity.

For the benefit of newcomers to OT Silent Flying, a list of recommended designs is provided to get you started in a competitive mode. These recommended designs have proven themselves in competition over the years. For the seasoned OT Flyer, it is hoped the list will enable you to expand your model fleet. For the modeler who just enjoys the designs of the era, enjoy!

How To Use This List

The list is divided into 6 columns:
Model Name
Ca (Category)
Dsp (Design span, inches)

The model name may be preceded by the class of the model. Example: Wakefield, Gull. This is the Cleveland Gull, designed by Joe Elgin.

The Category's are R=Rubber, HL=Hand Launch Glider and G=Towline Glider.

The designer is listed by last name. In some instances, the first name is added to avoid confusion with similarily named individuals or siblings.

The original Publisher/Kitter is listed along with current suppliers of the plan/kit.

The date is represented by the year of design/00. The 00 notation stands for 1900. Example: 39/00=1939. An anomaly occured with the early dates (XXXX) and the correct dates are shown in the Model Name Column.

The wingspan is rounded off to even inches and represents the planform wingspan.


Gene Wallock
SAM Librarian