SAM Rubber & Glider List Acronyms

The following acronyms are used in the SAM Rubber & Glider List:
	AA	 Aeriel Age
	AAG	 Air Age
	ACAG	 Aircraft Age
	AAM	 American Aircraft Modeler
	AMA	 Academy of Model Aeronautics
	AB	 American Boy
	AD	 Aerodyne Plan Service
	ADG	 Aero Digest
	APS	 Aeromodeller (British)
	AT	 Air Trails (includes Hobbies For Young Men)
	AT AN	 Air Trails Annual
	AW	 Air World
	BH	 Bob Holman Laser Cut Kits
	BL	 Bob Larsh HL Glider plan Service
	BNPS	 Bill Northrop Plan Service
	FA	 Flying Aces
	FG	 Flying and Glider Mauual
	FM	 Flying Models
	JA	 Journal of International Aeromodeling
	JOR	 Jim O'Reilly Plan Service
	JOR B/L Jim O'Reilly Blue Line plans
	MA	 Model Aircraft (British)
	MAB	 Model Aircraft Builder
	MAC	 Model Airplane Constructor
	MAE,ME	 Model Aircraft Engineer
	MAM	 Complete Model Aircraft Manual
	MAN	 Model Airplane News
	MAV	 Model Aviation
	MB	 Model Builder
	MBH	 Model Builder Handbook
	Mc	 Model Craftsman
	MEM	 Model Engineer and Mechanics
	MEPM	 Model Engineer and practical Mechanics
	MI	 Mechanics Illustrated
	mm	 Model Builders Manual
	MME	 Modern Mechanics
	NN	 National Glider and Airplane News
	NFFS	 National Free Flight Society
	NZMAA	 New Zealand Model Aeronautical Association
	PA	 Popular Aviation
	PM	 Popular Mechanics
	PS	 Popular Science
	RTP	 Round The Pole (Teather Event)
	SPS	 SAM Plan Service
	SA	 Scientific American
	TFM	 The Flying Manual
	WR	 World Record
	ZB	 Frank Zaic Yearbook &'39 Nats Book