Design Rules

The following excerpt is from the April 1936 issue of Air Trails and provides an insight into the theory behind a lot of the 1930-40's Pubber Designs.

Wakefield International Trophy - for fuselage, or "cabin" models of 200 sq. in. wing area, with allowance of 5 percent (10 sq. in.) greater or less; weight at least 4 oz.; maximum fuselage cross-section according to American rules; time, average of three flights.

Stout Trophy - fuselage along lines of large airplanes, with greatest fuselage cross-section area equal to the result of one-tenth the overall length multiplied by itself, or {(o.a. length/10) X (o.a. length/10)}; weight minimum 1 oz. for every 50 sq. in. wing area., take-off from ground; time, best of three flights.

Moffet International Trophy - design requirements similar to Stout contest; models flown in this contest may not be used in any other event.

Mulvihill Trophy - fuselage of any type, whether stick or built-up; weight minimum 1 oz. for every 50 sq. in. wing area; launched by hand; time, best of three flights.